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As part of Dream World.

'HAVE YOU BEEN HERE BEFORE?' is an art film shot on VHS which examines the way our memory, subconscious, and dreams affect our every day interactions and thought processes.

This film was made and installed as a part of Berlin's Dream World, a narrative-driven experiment in a surreal house, that explores the transformational power of your most intimate dreams..

Open 14.12.2019 - 27.12.2019


(Covered by Der Tagesspiegel and Ausser Gerwöhnlich Berlin)

Schmutz Presents: Joel I Thomas solo exhibition

In May, 2019, Joel's works showed in Das Giftraum, where he launched his new zine: Take photos in your dreams and bring them back with you.

This included a live ambient set by NZ musician indi, and after party tunes by the Schmutz lads.

As part of this event, Joel's work was featured on the front page of Schmutz.


In a globalised society where change is constant our ideas of home are often liminal and transitory. How can we establish our own identity in spaces that are endlessly moving?Backhome. is a collection of autobiographical still photography and moving image works by Iara Gelpi, Bridget McCarthy, and Joel I Thomas.

At Lowtide from June 21-28, 2018.



Fall Away

Made in Collaboration with Harit Srikhao, Fall Away is a zine that connects the personal with the surreal. 

Take photos in your dreams and bring them back with you

A series of images further exploring the space between internal dialogues and external realities. 

Red Berlin

A zine exploring the connection between perceived and experiential reality by experimenting with a red flash on 35mm film.

Krumme Lanke

As part of Berlin Zinefest in November 2018, Joel made a zine that examined the changing perspectives we place on people and space.


notable publication

Inside Auckland’s Growing Chinese Music and Arts Subculture

Auckland's Chinese creative communities are thriving, working together to make great art, music, and establish a sense of community. VICE NZ sent Joel to a night at The Thirsty Dog Tavern to write about and photograph this.

Auckland Creatives in a Housing Crisis

In a housing crisis where people are struggling to find homes without dampness and mould, VICE NZ got Joel to visit Auckland creatives and artists to see how they survive.

Laneway Festival 2018

Joel went to Auckland's annual Laneway music festival for VICE NZ to capture the crowd, acts, and atmosphere in an hour by hour photo-essay.

The last night of the Kings Arms

The Kings Arms Tavern was an Auckland institution in music, a legendary venue with a graffitied toilets and a garden, the bar housed some of the greatest acts ever to play in New Zealand. Joel, who also worked there as a bartender, photographed the last night for The Spinoff.


some further work

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