Publications: VICE, The Spinoff, Art Ache, NZ Musician Magazine, Schmutz Berlin, LURE, and broadcasted on Auckland's 95bFM.

2018 nomination for Playmarket Before-25 Playwright awards.

In 2020, Joel founded and edited an ongoing digital mag called E-MAIL MAGAZINE, aimed at giving artists a voice during lockdown.

Questioning our reality by augmenting it

Examining new technology and how it's inseparable from the social conditions that formed it, through the lens of Harriet Davey's 3D work.

Mystified — Bad Hammer's smokey world

“A new feeling of life. Fall into my mind.” This is Mystified, perfume, song, and the latest addition to the vast world of Bad Hammer.

The museum exhibit celebrating the queer history of gaming

The Rainbow Arcade is an exhibition of LGBTQI* representation is video games currently taking place at the Schwules Museum in Berlin.
The Spinoff sent Joel Thomas to write about it.

Buddy (play)

A full length play written and directed by Joel as part of the 2018 Auckland Fringe Season. 'Buddy' is a queer play about finding love and success as a young creative in contemporary Auckland.

Flora Gosling gave the show 4/5 stars.

Hye Rim Lee critiques the portrayal of women in virtual spaces

Hye Rim Lee is a Korean-New Zealand artist using 3D animated images to challenge the way we see virtual worlds. Joel interviewed to Hye Rim Lee for VICE about her work and why it's important to question worlds predominantly made by men.

Music reviews for Schmutz Berlin.

Since Arriving in Berlin mid 2018, Joel Thomas has been steadily writing music reviews for the underground music mag Schmutz. His reviews include albums by Mariah Carey, Serious Klein, and Kurt Vile

The Grow Room, K’ Road and the loss of Auckland’s creative spaces

The Grow Room is a music and arts collective who are dominating Auckland's creative scene with fresh releases and innovative aesthetics. However, like many in Auckland, they are battling the gentrification Karangahape road infringing on their creative spaces. Joel wrote about this for The Spinoff.

Coffee & Chat(tels)

Wax Chattels is an Auckland band making waves locally and internationally. Recently, Joel visited them for NZ Musician. They had a coffee near their rehearsal space in Balmoral and talked about the suddenness of newfound success, touring, and experimentation.

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